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DSP lab in the sixth semester of our course was the lab which taught me something really about what engineering is all about. Dr. G. Abhilash sir had put great effort to conduct the lab. He used to be there in lab every afternoon. Initially, I took great interest in the lab and came to know how to look same theory from different perspectives. But, at a later stage when sir introduced some lab work on topics that we had not done in our theory papers, I started to lose interest. But, even then I loved this lab and the regular evaluation and threats that sir gave to force us do the work on time. Hats off to Abhilash sir for giving such a great experience which no other lab could give me.

The report of the DSP lab work is given below. Its an authentic work which was done by us weekly and reports that took hours to complete.

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DSP Lab Report by Kurian Abraham, Shanas P. Shoukath, T. Venkateswarlu and V. A. Amarnath is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 India License.

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