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Shift in gears

July 19, 2011

Its been sometime since I have blogged. To be exact my blog has been idle for over 2 months. It was not just the blog that was idle, it was me too. I had done with my B.Tech. in May 2011 and it was a long break before I joined in a MNC in Bengaluru in July. There was nothing much to blog about as my mind as well as my body stayed idle at home for weeks.

Now, life has changed. Its been over 2 weeks since I am in Bengaluru. Feels good to be here in the Silicon Valley of India or call it the Garden City. Life seems to be a lot different from what it was in NITC. It demands more responsibility and more dedication now.

Bengaluru has been a wonderful place to be. I have started to like this place. The BMTC buses, the ‘Bangalore’ climate, the occasional rains,  the malls and don’t know what more is there to be explored. Looking forward to more adventure, success and lots more from this city with my first job.


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