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Memories about NITC

May 6, 2011

Nithin  : G-man and his G belt

Damodaran  : ദാമു, the book worm

Ashwin  : അച്യുതമാമാ, auto freak

Shanil  : ഷക്കു , the Chaos

Jinto   : പാപ്പി, the preface reader

Anish G.T. : ബാബു മോന്‍

Jery  : അപ്പുക്കുട്ടന്‍

Roshan : RoPo, നിമിഷ ഗായകന്‍

Kurian  : Daddy

Jayalal : the choreographer

Murali : മുരു, the multimedia/tech hub

Arjun  : MK, കലിപ്പ്

Prem : മണ്ണന്‍, the conglo

Bimal : BJ, 24×7 anime

Firdous : 20W tube, socializing time

Vinod : the ultimate despan

Vijay : ആശാന്‍

Arjun Anand : Allu

KVG : Kiran Venugopal

You guys were the soul within NIT Calicut for me. Thank you all for those wonderful moments.


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  1. Damu permalink

    You forgot somebody
    Amar- IRCTC, Ubuntu, Sony, Guruvayoorappan Locket, download freak, and most of all the person to go to when you need help because he “has been known to locate certain things from time to time”

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