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April 29, 2011

We often hear about the fact that a human spends almost one third of his lifetime for sleeping. But when I think about how I have spent last 12 months, a striking fact projects out. Its only about an year ago, I bought a new laptop. When going through the system/disk usage information about my system few days back, I was stunned to see the results. (see here).

The result indicates that my laptop was switched on for almost one third of an year. This really makes me think over how I had spent my life over the last 365 days. It also implicitly explains the campus life in the fourth year at NIT Calicut. With really few number of papers, just one lab course and a major project to accomplish, its just a matter of fact that we all end up with more than 8 hours to spare a day. Its ones own discretion to decide how to spend that free time. I ended up using the laptop, browsing net, downloading high-definition videos and spending sometime over Linux stuff. I can certainly say that I am addicted to internet and usage of laptops. Thinking over the effects it had on me, leads me to realise of what I have missed and what I could have done to make myself feel better and happier for the past one year.

Just after I’m off from my bed in the morning, the first thing I do is move towards the table and power on my laptop. Login to all kinds of social networking sites and mail accounts Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and see what’s happening over. I believe I have spent more time on Facebook and other social networking sites than what I have invested for my final year studies and work. Looking around, I see that this is not just happening with me but is happening with most of my friends and juniors. But unlike me, they might be gaming freaks, anime addicted, tech-savvy or may spend time watching those tv series. If we had diverted all these time into some useful work, many of us would have come up with some innovations in our major projects, or some mind blowing ideas for the social enhancement and maybe much more. I think it’s time to think over how to spend time in our lives and take control over it. It’s important that we do not let those 15″ devices to dominate our lives. I have made a decision, what about you?


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