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April 19, 2011

PS: This post is like an add-on or a continuation to my previous blog post. I received numerous comments, appreciations and thoughts about my last post from my seniors and dear friends. I think I need to share those also here. And this post is a collection of random thoughts about the last post.

I missed out a big point last time. I am talking about the UG mini and major projects. In NITC, like Pabitra had mentioned in his comment, faculties do not care much about the student’s projects. They are more involved in their own commitments and consulting projects. But I should say there are faculties who follow-up with students with their project work and give them enough technical support for the successful completion of the work. Yet another issue with projects are that innovations of students are not given encouragement and enough credit. The evaluation team would be just superficially checking all the project works. They are forced to evaluate about 15 projects from diverse fields of Electronics, Communication, Networking and Signal Processing in a short time duration of about 7-8 hours. It’s not possible for even the brightest student in our class to listen to 7-8 hours of presentation from different sides of ECE and do justice to the student to give enough credit to the work done. So in such a situation, the hardware projects gets an upper hand during the evaluation, just because they have a physical working model of whatever they say they did. And the simulation guys just fail to establish their claims. It would be not right on my part to just blame the department and the evaluation team. Fault also lies with the students. They work on the project work only about 2-3 weeks prior to the  evaluation date. All these factors contribute leads to poor technical quality of project works.

As Ashwin was pointing out about the attitude of students once they are in NITC is also a major cause of fall in interest in technical works. I don’t believe that no one without any technical interest would be keen enough to join NITC after their 12th. There would be at least a minute level of interest imbibed in them. It’s just that they need to discover it and bring it out. Coming back to attitude, yeah, I agree its one of the most important factor that decides your life wherever you are. Just follow your mind, and be passionate about whatever you do in campus.

Now I would like to put some thoughts that most of the pre-final years may find useful. I got a call a day after I published this blog from a NITC alumnus, Deepak Malani. He was talking about deciding whether to go for higher studies immediately after your UG or to join the MNC in which you have got campus selection. Once you are sure that you need to do some technical course after UG, be it MS or MTech, you should go for it right away after the UG. I believe Deepak was telling this from his experience and his friends. He is currently working in Analog Devices as Design Engineer after he did his PG from IISc. He said that if you are planning to do your PG after staying in corporate world for 2-3 years, it’s not going to do you any good. You take almost 2 years to learn how the corporate world works. So in this short span of time, you are not going to learn much. And when you think about the long career of 25-30 years after your PG, these 2 years would not count at all. Yet another striking reason he said was that, in these companies, you would not allowed to innovate and do something of your own. So it actually takes away your innovative thought process. An alternative career path would be to do a research fellowship after the UG course so that you have enough exposure in your field of interest and may be then go for a MS. If any one of you need help about deciding about their career path, feel free to contact me.

Yet another point which I missed out last time was about the student population in NITC. Every year, the intake into the institute is increasing and enough care is not given to provide good quality infrastructure, hostel facilities and above all, sufficient number of faculties. If I need to elaborate of these issues, it would require lots of research on these. I would not rather try to go into more problems. I am just happy about the way I am going to pass out of this campus with the placement in a MNC and with friends who would be there to support me throughout my life.


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  1. psycho_java permalink

    As far as the project work is concerned, case is not much different in our Dept. (mechanical engg.). It is disappointing to note that one teacher, when approached for the purpose of suggesting an idea for a project said “Come to me with a working model, which has some fabrication. If u have a theory project, i wont guide you”. It is true that the teacher is not the only one to be blamed. He thinks that a theoretical project will not look as good in front of a panel as a working model which has blinking lights and rotating fancy parts, which is justified to a certain extent. As u had mentioned earlier, the panel who sits for 4 hours continuous evaluation on one single day wont care much about the complication of the the theory involved in a project which is presented at the end of the day. Still, I think students should be given credit for taking up projects of theoretical nature as they are more academically challenging. Rather than asking the students to propose a topic, they can provide suggestions on which students can improvise and take up the work.

  2. make_the_difference permalink

    students are treated lyk shit here in this college! faculty or the administration does not care abt the students n their hardships or problems. i’m a final yr student. i’d done an internship at IISc. i was treated with respect and dignity by my prof n other pg n doctoral students there. i feel that makes all the difference. i felt good there and that atmosphere constantly inspired me to work hard n look forward to every day. here at nitc, students r looked down on, by most profs. they’re interested only in embezzling the money n suppressing the students’ voice. there’re profs who can’t even talk proper English or don’t know jack abt wat they’re ‘teaching’. i can bet that there’re 100 students who can teach better than profs lyk those. nitc is going to the dogs. if nitc has to develop, students have to be given their ryt to participate in decision making and their voice should be heard. thats the only way. there has to be some kinda major revolution…

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