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Enable 3D graphics acceleration on Sony Vaio in Fedora 14

March 31, 2011

I have been using Fedora 14 ever since I bought my Sony Vaio E series in May 2010. I have never cared to get my graphics card driver installed until one of my friends insisted to get his ATI card driver installed on his Dell Studio 15 laptop. I had to google deep into the internet to find a easy solution to the problem. Let me share it with you guys.

First of all get RPM fusion repos included in your repos lists. Then login as root and run

yum upgrade

We need have an updated OS running to install the graphics driver properly. Now we will install the driver available in RPM fusion repo.

yum install kmod-catalyst

Once this is done, we need to run the following code to initialise the ATI card while booting up.

aticonfig --initial -f
catalyst-config-display enable

If the second command gives an error, we can infer the installation of the driver was not successful. If the installation was successful, reboot your system to enjoy full graphical entertainment.

Note: In case there is a failure in installing the driver and its unable to boot into Fedora, please follow the steps given below. Its required to remove the packages installed. In case its not possible to log in to Fedora desktop environment, the single user mode has to be made use. While booting up in GRUB, edit the boot parameters by pressing ‘e’  and add ‘single’ at the end of kernel boot info. This enables single user mode and helps in rescue of the system. Once you drop into the root shell just remove the installed package by using the following command.

yum remove kmod-catalyst*

  1. Gr8 🙂 Keeping the spirit of community support is one of the attitude which every FOSS enthusiast should keep up.. Glad to see it in here.. The last line of the page explains that the attempt was successful and the satisfaction that you derived was immense.

    Please mention the ‘ RPM fusion repos ‘ .

    This blog entry enables to inform about the existence of a simple solution and how to perform it.. But the web-page “might” contain few additional info, which helps newbies to Fedora.. Please do mention the web-page link too..

    Also keep a .html file of that web-page with you, since the link might go unavailable, though your blog survive the test of time.. When someone give a comment stating that the link doesn’t work, then you could sent them the offline copy of the web-page.


    • Amarnath permalink

      Jinto, thanks for the encouraging words. I have added links to RPM Fusion repos. And about the actual web-page, I have already lost the link. That’s why I just blogged about the idea so that it may be useful to someone.



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