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The Breakup

March 13, 2011

Breakups happen several times in life at various circumstances. The first breakup I had encountered was about 4 years ago, when I had to leave my school where I spent my childhood, and almost all of my teenage. But, that one was not difficult to overcome. Maybe its just because, I was not emotionally attached to it. But, I should mention that I do miss that place, the lovely teachers, my cheerful friends and much more.

But this time, let me be frank its going to be damn tough to breakup with NIT Calicut. I have spent just 4 years in this campus. Even then, this place does have a special place in my heart. With less than 4 weeks of classes and then left with the exams to do with, time seems to be really less to be in here to enjoy and celebrate with friends.

Rajpath, MB, Dept. Building, the labs, hostels, Tathva, Ragam, the walk to chechis for the sheer pleasure to have Vasuettan’s tea, MC, Bakehouse all have been inscribed in me. Not to forget my dear friends who made all these places something to cherish. It is getting difficult to write with so many thoughts, memories flooding into my mind at this moment. But, I should say this that place is special to me just because of my friends. Thanks to Ashwin Harikumar Nair, Damodaran, Shanil Kuriachan, Nithin Gopinath, Kurian Abraham, Jayalal, Jery Eapen, Roshan Paul, Arjun, Jinto Jolly James, Firdous Basheer, Anish Thomas, Bimal Jayadev, Prem Sarath, Murali, Hussam and many others. The list would just go on and on. Thanks so much guys for making NIT Calicut such a wonderful place to be for the last 4 years. I love you guys! You guys really do ROCK!!!


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  1. Liked the part about walking the whole way to chechi’s for the tea. Totally agree to that!
    And by the way, i think you forgot to mention about FOSS!
    Cheers man.

    • Amarnath permalink

      While writing the blog I just had intended to talk about our friends, college, and other daily stuff we do daily. I was trying to avoid the technical stuff from it. That’s the reason why I did not mention about FOSS.

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