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January 28, 2011

Being in a deemed institution, NIT Calicut, we are ought to attend or struggle against over 200 exams in the entire engineering course. Each exam time there is a hue and cry about portions to learn, textbooks  to refer, and xerox of notebooks to be taken.

Test series 1 of this semester has already started off (actually I have an exam tomorrow. 😉 ). But, this time everything seems different.  No one seems to be interested in studies (Of course, except some who look out for 10 pointers! :-P). These days the eve before an exam, most of my batchmates just hangs out with their friends or just watch some movies or some TV series. Is it because its the last semester and no one cares about grades any more? Or is it that most of us got placed in some of the best multi national companies? I don’t think so that’s the cause. May be its go to do with some other reason better than these.

April 13, 2011 is our last day at college. April 29, 2011 will mark the end of the best time of our lives. Yeah, its really the last days in college. With less than 90 more days to go, and it really seems like there is very little time to spend in the college and with our friends. Maybe this thought makes everyone try to enjoy the precious time left in college and make these few days memorable for a life time. We know its not going to come back us to again.

It was on July 11, 2007, when I came into NITC for counselling and got admitted for B.Tech. The journey thereafter have been really nice and sweet. Everything seems to be just like it happened yesterday. I know, I am going to miss this place, friends and of course some faculties. I know, I am going to miss those Tathva nites, Ragam ProShows, excitment in FOSSMeets and lots more that just belongs to this college. Its going to be tough to leave this wonderful place.


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