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FOSSMeet 2011

January 23, 2011

For last 3 years, I have been part of the organising team of FOSSMeet. Once I joined IEEE in first year, it was the first event that I volunteered. Like  every time, we first years had to run around and do all kinds of work. From getting desks, arranging the venues to accompanying distinguished guests to the venues from guest house and so on. It was great being a part of a large informal group of people working to promote and contribute to the open world of software, hardware and media. FOSSMeet 2008, virtually dragged me into the FOSS world. It actually was a milestone in my college life.

It was later in 2008 that FOSSCell was setup in NIT Calicut by Kishore A. and some of his friends under the guidance of Deepak Sir. From then, I have been a part of FOSSCell and its activities.

Talking about FOSSMeets, I have seen several ups and downs with this event. In FOSSMeet 2008, when the event was held in April just before the end semester exams, the turn out was really dull. Later in FOSSMeet 2009, there were many organisational glitches owing to communication gaps between the core organising team members which led to poor publicity of the event. Last year’s edition was organised with much more care. Thanks to Praveen A.  (NITC alumnus), Kishore A. and Sajeer Fazil (coordinators) and Hari C. M. (my fellow batch-mate) who stood with me and the whole team for the overwhelming success of FOSSMeet 2010. I should not forget the great work by my immediate juniors, notably Anil Vishnu, Greegar George (registration desk lead) and Febin Rasheed (giving great care to guests and participants as hospitality lead). Team work is a crucial component in every successful event. But for being one of the largest FOSS conferences of India with mere work force of around 20 people, I appreciate my seniors, batch-mates and juniors associated with FOSSMeet for the great work each year.

FOSSMeet 2011 is just about 10 days away and it makes me feel nostalgic about all FOSSMeets I have been here.  This time I am serving a different role as a volunteer, with much more responsibilities, as student co-ordinator of FOSSMeet 2011. This time, I hope to see more fun, learning, enjoyment and contribution to FOSS. We are focussing on imbibing a culture of contributing to the community with more events focussing on it. Debian Dev Camp, Git Version Control System, Chamba Open Movie Project are the key elements of this year’s event. Being in final year, I know its going to be my last FOSSMeet as a participant and an organiser. May be I would not be able to attend any more of them, which makes me kinda sad. Hope everything goes well this time and the effort we have put in turns out to a sweet success.

  1. Wish the same!

  2. This blog post is timely and apt.. It does express your feeling of being lucky to be part of the various IEEE NITC Student Branch ventures, specifically FOSSMeet.. The mere fraction of the overall strength of NITC who delivers the quality service to keep up the name and provide the participants of various events with a remarkable experience..

    In the freshmen year, we learned about how to get the works done. In the Sophomore year, we learned how to direct the enthusiastic volunteers.. In the Junior year, we started to get involved more into planning and organizing the whole event.. Finally, in the senior year, it is more like being a mentor, giving sensible advices and suggestions based on past experiences.. I would say, IEEE NITC student branch was one among the best Student – Faculty – Society interaction group in which we were able to be part of.. We understood that many people whom we see around are easily approachable, ready to share their wealth of knowledge and provide us the services at times when we really needed..

    The main feature of FOSSMeet that impressed me a lot is about the opportunity for formation of spontaneous informal discussions beyond the schedules.. I still keep alive the spirit of FOSS that conceived in me during an informal discussion coordinated by Niyam Bhushan, at NITC Rajpath, after the closing ceremony of FOSSMeet 2008.

    Once again, I too appreciate faculties, NITC alumni, my batch-mates and juniors associated with FOSSMeet for the great work they have done each year along with the eminent personalities who came to give us inspiring talks and get us involved in workshops and hands-on sessions.

    • Amarnath permalink

      Jinto, its a good post about FOSSMeet and how you and we all felt about it. It was great working with the FOSSMeet team each year. But, you got busy with many other stuff and you were unable as a physical volunteer.

      I do thank you for all your suggestions and advices you have given to me and others in the team and wishing us the best each time.



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