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January 5, 2011

Please Note: I had blogged this post in my old blog. I am putting this up again as I would be trying to build on the issue taken up here in my forthcoming blogs. View the original blog at

I was introduced into Free and Open Source during FOSSMeet@NITC 2008. FOSSMeet inspired me a lot. It literally pulled me into FOSS. Now I am a hard core Linux user. Much more to say we (i.e. Kishore A. and some seniors along with Jinto, Sherin, Abhishek and myself) started a FOSSCell at NITC and I am the Junior Executive of the cell.

This year’s FOSSMeet was held during Feb. 28, Mar. 1 and 2. I was part of the core organising team (to be specific speaker hospitality). But this year’s event didn’t make the impact as we expected. We had about 150+ online registrations and 50+ internal registrations. But on the day of the event only less than 80 turned up. It was surprising to note that about 40 juniors had registered for the event were not seen even for a single session. It made us feel really bad.

Something is wrong somewhere.

I have noted this several times. Being an IEEE member of NITC Student Chapter I am always part of the technical events that occurs in our campus. I always see that the internal participation for such events is really poor whatever the event be. Students out here are not interested in these activities.

I would like to quote some things that Deepak Sir had told us during a discussion.

“Philosophy had stopped inspiring this campus about 20 years ago. Now it seems like that even technology don’t inspire this campus.”

“When students get enrolled here they are like horses. But after 4 years they pass out as donkeys.”

Even I feel what he says is true. Is this because of the lack of facilities in NITC or is it because of the hectic curriculum?

Or is it something else???

I am searching for the answer for a long time.


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  1. SAJEER FAZIL permalink

    Here is an idea:There are two types of learning approach; top to bottom and bottom to top. In our college( in many of them), what our curriculum does is bottom to top: first learn things; understand them; then go to the applications/projects or whatever relevant for the learning content. But as you all know, if somebody says ” I will learn “everything” related to that subject, and move on to project” , he is not going to be anywhere :(. That is why we are all stuck in the learning phase….
    But in industry, its reverse: top to bottom… first look at what you are gonna do..start working on that…learn things relevant to that on your way to achieve it… It works..:) it works always…:)
    Our curriculum should change like that…. thats why we don’t even know how to fix some issue with a mobile phone; but somebody from dubai bazar does …

    • Amarnath permalink

      That seems to be really true. But, its gonna take really long time to switch to that kinda of curriculum.

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