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Yet another NITC idea!

November 20, 2010

Is there a shortage of water in Calicut or Kerala at this time of the year? Looking out of the window, I never feel so. The retreating monsoons are treating the nature at its best. Its been raining heavily every afternoon for the past 10 – 15 days.
But NITC water supply department seems many other big plans. Seems like it’s trying to save a lot of running water from the river for the summer. About 10 days ago, a notice was published quoting the disruption of water supply to hostels and academic buildings till further notification for maintenance. It says,
Schedule of water supply
Hostels and residential buildings: 6AM to 9AM and 6PM to 9PM
Academic and administrative buildings: 8AM to 3PM
The notice says that reason for the rescheduling of supply time is due improper closing of taps after use and delay in intimation about leaking points. The reason seems pretty valid and true. But, I never understand how they manage to come up with such ideas at such awkward times. The end semester exams for the students are ongoing and the shortage of water puts a lot of difficulty for students.
The main fault behind such an action is that they never follow the schedule of water supply. For the last few days, there is no water in hostels at 7AM and 8PM even though its within the pumping time mentioned in the notice. Yet another point the authority misses is that once they have started this water supply pattern, a huge volume is simply wasted because of leaving the taps open during night. Once the pumping restarts at 6 in the morning, hell lot of water is simply drained off. Nobody wakes up in hostels at 6AM to shut the taps. See, the whole idea of saving water indirectly leads to much more loss.
Yet another point, which is emphasized on the notice is that the institute incurs a heavy monetary loss due to misuse of water in campus. But, the whole thing boils down to looking forward to conserve water in all possible methods. Its never done in NITC and I believe never will it be. Just by cutting short the water supply time does not save water for the future. Water has to be saved in some form. As far as I know, NITC is making use of the water from the nearby river for all its needs. The river dries up in summer  which leads to shortage of water in March – May every year. To save water, just by pumping less would lead to a solution. The authorities are missing this point.
Being a monsoon dependent state, I believe its high time that NITC implemented some form of rain water harvesting in campus. I have not seen any form of rain water harvesting techniques employed in even the newly constructed buildings and blocks. This is yet another key point that needs to addressed soon for better water management in campus.
The authority could have come out with another option for the maintenance of water supply in campus. After about a week, its the winter break for the students. During that time, the campus would be sparely populated and the water supply schedules can be manipulated in any form they need to.
But like every administration shows off its bureaucratic face, NITC administration is trying hard to reveal its own to the students without looking into the well being of the students.

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  1. I am not sure about whether it’s the same situation at other hostels too but I have noticed that since the day they started cutting water supply, we are getting mud – colored water. You can see if you fill it up in a clear bottle or in a bucket. It doesn’t feel right to brush your teeth in that water or take a bath.

    Another proof is the sinks have that mud (rusty) color too now because of deposition.

    • Amarnath permalink

      I think the muddy color of water is just natural. See, the water we get in hostels is pumped from the riverside. You must have noticed the quantity of rain that Calicut is receiving for the past few weeks. Hence, the downstream water would be muddy and unsettled which gives the solution to your query (I believe).

      • Not sure, but AFAIK, I never saw this type of water whole last year or even this year before they began cutting the supply.

      • Amarnath permalink

        In our hostels, I have seen muddy type of water during rains only. Maybe at some other rare instances also. But, if its a regular occurrence in your hostels, please lodge a complaint. Maybe its because the storage tank has not been cleaned for long time.

      • I was thinking of doing the same, but needed some kind of confirmation before approaching authorities.

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