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Next year, you are gonna be free!!! ?

October 30, 2010

Like many of you, ever since I was in  school I have been hearing this statement. “Next year this time you’re going to enjoying your life. Let’s work hard now and sit down, relax and enjoy later”. The first occasion when I heard this was during my tenth board study vacations. One of my teachers told me you can have a blast after your boards. But did that happen? NO!

Next, it was the JEE that popped up into my life. The JEE coaching began just after the tenth boards and now it was the coaching center chief to recite the same set of lines as though it’s is a mantra. They used to point out how life would be after your plus two in either the IITs or NITs. Virtually they put you to force yourselves to your limits describing those. Years went by, (I mean only 2), and fortunately or unfortunately I just could not get an admission in an IIT with my JEE rank. Alas, I ended up in NIT Calicut.

In NITC, in each and every semester I hear that next semester is gonna be easy. This would be the last one that troubles you. But the last never came. Now, in final year, I feel more pressurized. Is this a never ending scheme? I have heard seniors telling that once you get a placement in final year, the rest of the time you spent in campus is enjoyment and nothing else. I have never experienced anything of this kind after getting placed about a month back.

Is this like the “carrot and stick” policy? I think life gets miserable wherever we are, once we care to do stuff and that too trying to do it perfectly. I believe that the attitude a person decides a lot about how he is enjoying his life. I think, I seriously need a change in attitude to enjoy my last few 100 days in NIT Calicut.

At this juncture, I would to quote a sanskrit quote that I came across a few days back.

संतापाद्भ्रश्यते रूपं, संतापाद्भ्रश्यते बलम् |
संतापाद्भ्रश्यते ज्ञानं, संतापाद्व्याधिमृच्छति ||

Beauty is ruined because of (from) worrying, strength is ruined because of worrying. [Proper] Thinking is ruined because of worrying, because of worrying one gets disease.

Taken from महाभारत, when the wise minister ‘vidura’ विदुर is advising the emperor ‘dhRitarAShTra’ धृतराष्ट्र he says that ‘Do the right thing, the just thing, and you will have nothing to worry. For worrying destroys everything.’



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  1. Jinto Jolly James permalink

    I guess it is because you do considers life to be in sessions. one good , another bad and so on.. try to see it every time as a mixture of various degree. Happiness is not a destination but a direction.. try to live with it 🙂 Maybe you see bagging up more achievements when you see it all in sessions like ‘Hard work alone’ session and relax sessions.. but is that that the way it is to be? Live the life as it is supposed to be ..

    • Amarnath permalink

      Yes, that’s really true Jinto. In every stage of life we have tough times and the leaner happier days. Like we were really working in 12th for the engg. entrance exams and once the results were out, when most of us were within a 100, I still remember how happy and proud my parents, relatives and teachers were. So its more like you reap what you sow.

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