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The Long Story of Campus Placements

October 5, 2010

As the title suggests the campus placement process has been really a ‘long’ one for me. Let me first of all give away the stats. I had appeared for 12 companies of which I cleared 8 prelims. (Oh! I know that’s really awesome! Isn’t it? 😉 ) Of these 8, if I remember correctly, I was kicked out in final stage by Texas Instruments, Oracle App Dev, Tejas Networks, C-DOT Alcatel and KalkiTech. Here I attempt give some idea about the placement procedure and the type of questions I personally faced from these companies.

Placements began quite early just a week after the registration of seventh semester. It all began with TI coming into campus as the first company for Electronics and Communication Engg. students. They had openings in digital and analog sections. Analog being my weaker side I went for the digital side and faced a many difficulties due to lack of preparation. TI always tests your real damn basics from +2 physics to S3, S4 courses. To admit what event wrong with my interview makes me feel real bad. The panel asked me to explain the internal working of a JK flipflop and I was dumbstruck. I still remember Sathi ma’am telling in S3 how important Logic Design is for placements. I was feeling real bad for not listening to ma’am and not revising my fundamentals before the placement season.

Tejas Instruments came into campus looking for recruiting graduates into their hardware as well as software sections. I opted for the software job and the test tested the concepts in OOP and some basic programming. Interview tested the skills in OS, OOP and logic of the candidates. Tejas also tested the late night mental ability of the candidates. My interview began at 3.30AM. I still remember what Umesh Kartha (@karthasays) said when he came out after his interview at 5.15AM. The interviewer asked him twice “what are you blabbering? its only 5 in the morning”!!!!

Oracle App Dev team was the funniest recruitment I attended. They had two rounds of tech interviews and then one HR interview. The first round of tech interview was really simple and tested your basic logic skills. The next tech round tested high funda stuff in CPP. Oh God! I still remember those questions. They are still echoing in my ears. I went into the room. The panel consisted of a gentleman and a lady. They asked me whether I was comfortable with CPP. Relying on my 12th standard basics, I said, “Yes, I am ok with it”. Then it was a rapid fire.

  1. What do you mean by void display() const?
  2. What is a copy constructor? What do you mean by shallow copy and deep copy?

I never knew the answer to 1 and I answered the 2nd question partly. Then it was a “That’s it!” from them. It was the shortest interview I had attended which lasted for less than 5 minutes. Koshy George (CSE Placement Representative) came in between my interview for some work. He was taken aback by the standard of questions they were throwing at me. Later he told none of his classmates could tackle those questions. How can they then expect an ECE student to do so? But, Oracle team did recruit many of my classmates who told them that they didn’t even know programming. I would like to quote an answer which one of them gave. Question: How do you detect that you are your ethernet card is working? Answer given by one of my innocent classmate: “You can see the light blinking”!!! Obviously he/she bagged a place in Oracle.

The McAfee logo

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Finally it was my day on September 28. McAfee was in campus for recruitment. The test consisted of a tech round (half an hour) and a CAT like test (2 hours). Later they had a three tier interview process. Two tech interviews and then a HR round. The first tech round tested the logic and other basics. They also tested my programming skills. Being an ECE student, they asked me to write a assembly language program which I some how managed to do. In the second round of interview, they basically wanted to know why an ECE guy is trying to get through into McAfee. It was really tough to convince them that I really love programming and would love the job. They really wanted to see where I would fit in their company. They asked me where would I fit in? The development, testing, networking or which other team? As I had attended a basic Computer Networks course in S6, networking was the only shot I could try for. They put forward a couple of networking related problems like routing protocols, OSI layers, hardwares, IGMP, IPv4 and IPv6. Thanks to wonderful classes of Lillykutty ma’am that I could answer most of them. Then, they were interested in testing my logic and put forward some puzzles which by God’s grace, I could solve. Finally, I was one among the selected students to join McAfee India Center! My placement was yet another milestone for ECE 2007-11 batch. I was the 50th to get placed. 🙂


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