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NITC Hostels: ഒരു കുമാരസംഭവം!

July 16, 2010

For the past few days, the fuming discussion going on in Facebook among the final year students of National Institute of Technology, Calicut is nothing that really interests anybody else except them. Its not about any movie release or about their expected placement related discussion, but its about the re-allotment of rooms in hostels.

NITC hostel authorities had alloted single rooms in D, E and F hostel for guys and in Block II of LH for ladies in April 2010 before our sixth semester had ended. But, lately from some unreliable or reliable sources, a news has spread that the previous allotment stands canceled and rooms will be freshly alloted when seventh semester begins. What I have come to know is that the hostel authorities just found out that they did not have enough rooms to fully accommodate the post graduate students joining this year. What the hell? Didn’t they know about the number of students going to join this institute earlier. Or like Abhimanyu had posted, should we need to teach the wardens and hostel staff the basics of counting!

Its said that they have converted all single rooms to double rooms in D, E and F hostels. How can you expect two adults to live for a year in 90sq.ft. of area with two single cots, two wooden tables and two chairs, if they provide us with enough furniture. Its not a place where we come to relax after our work, its were we stay more than 60% time in college during our final year. In final year, we have less number of papers and labs to attend which implies we are left with more time to spend in hostels.

Let me quote the rumors about room allotment put up in Facebook. (courtesy: Josin Tom)

  1. Chief warden published a notice citing “Institute has no problem if senior students are staying outside the campus.” Source: Jyothish
  2. Rooms are already alloted to girls with old roommates with 2 in a room. Boys room allotment list to come out soon.
  3. M.Tech. students will be alloted rooms before 20th July.

Let me try to concentrate to the source of the hostel accommodation problem now. I believe the whole issue of scarcity of rooms began when we joined NITC in 2007. We were accommodated as 4 in a triple seated room in A hostel during that time. I think even our immediate seniors were 4 in a room during their first year. But, the point to be noted is that they were less in strength. In 2007, the intake was increased by about 20%. That is they were 330 in number whereas we were around 400. The case worsened in the later years. Let me cite the hostel statistics year by year for each batch of students:

  • 2007: 1st yrs – four seated in A, 2nd yrs – triple seated in B,C, 3rd yrs – double/single seated in C/E, 4th yrs – single seated in D, F
  • 2008: 1st yrs – four/double seated in A/PG-I, 2nd yrs – four seated in B,C, 3rd yrs – triple/single seated in C/E, 4th yrs – single seated in D, F
  • 2009: 1st yrs – four/double seated in A/PG-I, 2nd yrs – four/double seated in B/PG-II, 3rd yrs – four seated in C, 4th yrs – single seated in D, E, F
  • 2010: (Tentative) 1st yrs – five/double seated in A/PG-I, 2nd yrs – four seated/double seated in B/PG-II, 3rd yrs – four/double seated in C/G, 4th yrs – single seated in D, E, F

The information of the year 2010 is cited above is as known in April 2010. But, to the latest info, 4th yrs are to be double seated in D, F hostels. The cause for this situation is the increase in intake of students into NITC as per the new OBC reservation. As per my knowledge, my batch i.e. 2007-11 ECE batch has a strength of 100 whereas the 2009-13 batch has a strength of 150. Its really unbelievable that the the number of the students have gone up by 50% and the infrastructure for student food and accommodation still remains the same.

The whole issue of re-allotment have come up after Dr. Allesu K. took charge as the Chief Warden on July 1st, 2010. I don’t know whether he has suggested this idea of converting the single rooms of D, E and F hostels into double rooms. But, I would like to inform whoever put forward this idea, please remember that the room that the faculties are given in their respective departments are double the size of rooms in these hostels and now you people are forcing two people to live in those cramped rooms.

Actually for solving this problem of accommodation of students, the authorities had initiated the work of Mega Hostel in last quarter of 2007 if I remember correctly. It is said to have capacity to accommodate around 1000 students which indeed would loosen the problems. But, the progress of the construction of the hostel have reached nowhere and the authorities are assuring us that a wing of the Mega Hostel would be opened in four months. This is yet another rumor out there in Facebook. 😉

Yet another fault I find in the whole issue is that the authorities have not made their final decision officially available, which really sad. If this is the case with us now, next year I presume that my juniors would be forced to be three seated in single rooms. Lets, wait and see. കാണാന്‍ പോകുന്ന പൂരം പറഞ്ഞറിയിക്കണോ?

Now, I am reminded of a old song from a malayalam play which I would like to quote:

“പാമ്പുകള്‍ക്കു മാളമുണ്ട്
പറവകള്‍ക്കു ആകാശമുണ്ട്
മനുഷ്യപുത്രനു തല ചായ്ക്കാന്‍

‘അശ്വമേധം’ എന്ന നാടകത്തിലെ വയലാര്‍ രാമവര്‍മ്മയുടെ ക്യതി

P.S.: All information furnished above are gathered from Facebook and from my memory and I don’t bear any responsibility for its correctness.




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  1. I would like to correct one thing. For 2010, it’s four seated/double seated in B/’G’ and not PG-II.

    • Amarnath permalink

      I thought third years were given G hostel. So, if second years are given G, were are the third years being accommodated?

  2. Actually G was allotted to 2nd years, third years and even to some PhD scholars. I think 3rd years were given C and F but I am not sure.

    • Amarnath permalink

      No, F was alloted only to fourth years. Maybe, then G was alloted for 2nd, 3rd and research scholars.

  3. Firdous permalink

    get your data correct before you decide to go public with it !
    but yeah, except for B being G and D being F (and a lot of trivial errors), i guess you have put your finger on the essence of the problem – the rooms are getting congested.

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